User Access

BrowserUp ships with integrated user access control.


There are several standard roles in the system

Each role provides a pre-baked access level.

A superadmin can access everything, including administrating admins.
An admin can administer everything within their workspace. This includes creating
other users, granting roles, etc.
A user is able to run tests, but not administer other users, or see other workspaces.
A runner is able to run tests, but not to define them, change them, or access them in any other manner.
This user type is ideal for CI/CD.
A viewer can view test results and reports, but not make changes.
A reporter is only able to view reports.
A user with none access cannot use the system.

Setting a User’s role

In order to set a user’s role, you must be a superadmin, or admin. Admin’s are only able to administer users in their own workspace. Click on your username on the top menu bar, then select Users in the drop-down menu.