Load Testing With PostMan

To run a load test using Postman, first install BrowserUp per these instructions.

Create your collection of tests as normal in Postman

Export the collection to the working directory for your load test:


Test out your collection locally with newman to make sure it works as desired.

Adjust your scenario’s profile(s) to run the collection.

  name: Newman
  total_users: 20
    - name: Cart API
      think_time: 10s
      allocation: 100%
      command: newman run postman_collections/cart-api.json
browserup load start -d

This will launch a local load test in your Docker environment.

Finally, log into the app and watch the reporting as your load test runs.

Repeat, as needed, with a large-scale load test in Amazon AWS to really put your app through its paces.

Hoppscotch (PostMan Alternative)

BrowserUp also ships Hoppscotch in the standard image. Hoppscotch is an open-source alternative to PostMan that offers similar features.